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Meia Praia - Lagos

This broad expanse of sand stretches for 4 km (2.5 miles) and offers all kinds of facilities for those who enjoy water sports.

As it is one of the more popular beaches it has a facilitated access for the disabled as well as other facilities such as toilets, car parking and lifeguard during the summer months.


Praia do Porto de Mós - Lagos

Although this beach is located relatively close to the city of Lagos it rarely gets too overcrowded. Interestingly, clay is formed on the cliffs of this beach during the rainy season which is said to hold medicinal benefits.

Praia da Batata - Lagos 

Located a mere few hundred metres from the Lagos historical centre and benefitting from a very easy access, the Batata beach betrays its links to civilization by sporting tourist facilities and a cliff side covered in stone.

Praia do Beliche - Sagres

Mysteriously hidden in a well sheltered cove, this beach is reached by a set of stairs carved in the rock. Although its access is not necessarily disabled-friendly it does have a restaurant, car park and life guard during the summer.



Praia do Martinhal - Sagres

This long beach is surrounded by a broad bay. Scenic islands opposite the beach can be found and create an interesting scenery. It has toilets and a restaurant as well as a windsurfing school.



Praia do Castelejo - Vila de Bispo

A beach surrounded by rock formations. There are tourist facilities and the beach lies under the Tower of Aspa; an old watchtower on its southern cliff. 


cliffs around Lagos
Meia Praia
Praia da Batata
Praia da Batata
Sunrise over Lagos
Meia Praia
sunrise on Meia Praia
sunrise looking towards Portimão



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The apartments of Vila Palmeira are directly located 
at the longest sandy beach of Lagos - Meia Praia

Breath-taking views over the Atlantic Ocean
 and the city of Lagos are guaranteed!

Rua Ruy Belo - Estrada da Meia Praia

8600-315 Lagos - Portugal